Open your app and click, “sync” while watching HANNIBAL on AXN and go deeper into the story.   As the app listens you receive episode-specific real world facts; production notes and HANNIBAL related trivia in your sync stream. In real time. As you watch.  

Promotional  Video

The HANNIBAL Second Screen free App synced to episodes of the HANNIBAL broadcast on the AXN Pay-TV network in 7 international regions and in 7 languages using Audio Content Recognition (ACR) watermarking.

 This allowed users to have an enhanced viewing experience when watching HANNIBAL on AXN, on the DVR, or online.  Throughout Season 1 viewers were given access to exclusive original content like Trivia, a look behind the scenes, episode details, the Twitter social stream, sneak peek videos, and an interactive “Character Explorer” that helped users keep track of all the characters and their relationships.  

In addition to a unique viewing experience, the app provided international English as a second language viewers more clarification on the nuanced storytelling that was critical to the season story line.  

The HANNIBAL sync app was released for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices in India, Pan-Asia, Spain, Portugal, Brasil, Latin America, and Taiwan. 


  • Over 1 Million downloads worldwide
  • Top 5 Entertainment app in Brazil for 4 weeks
  • Most downloaded app in AXN Spain/Portugal History
  • App innovation secured sponsorships, ensuring profitability
  • Award winning 
    • 2014 Silver PromaxBDA Global Excellence in Technical Innovation
    • 2014 Bronze PromaxBDA Global Excellence Promotional Interactive App
    • 2014 Silver, Mob-Ex Awards Best App/Content by a Media Owner
    • 2013 Silver, Loyalty & Engagement Awards Best Use of Mobile



  • Executive Director Product Development
  • Product team direction and management
  • Creative direction, review and feedback
  • Product Strategy 
  • Oversight of Information Architecture, UI/UX, and requirements
  • Author RFP, Review Proposals
  •  Third party negotiation and contract oversight 
  • Script Writing
  • Content Curation, Creation and Integration
  • Operational integration of watermarking technology
  • Localization
  • Ad Integration
  • Testing
  • Social Strategy
  • Community Monitoring