Dawn has a unique ability to translate overall business strategy into meaningful products and experiences for audiences/users. She has an unparalleled commitment to excellence. Above all, she is a fantastic colleague and is a pleasure to work with.
— Anthony Danna, VP Programming
Dawn is highly detail-oriented and you can always count on her to deliver a top-quality project. It’s great being on a team with her knowing that we’ll be sure to nail the most appropriate interface for our target audience. Dawn has an exceptional grasp on being able to “see it from the user’s perspective” and her projects reflect that.
— Russ Tarleton, Developer
I worked with Dawn for several years both as a provider and as a colleague, and I hold her in the highest professional and personal regard. Dawn is one of those rare managers that can as easily go down to the ground level and engage in technical and design details as see the big picture and think strategically. She’s charming, polite and funny, but she’s also assertive and decisive; a perfect combination in my opinion.
— Javier Pérez, Producer
I was genuinely impressed with what Dawn accomplished while at Sony. She led the redesign of a platform architected with scalability and efficiency in mind to support over 75 websites for our international regions worldwide. She had to take into consideration a diverse set of user needs while building a robust platform intuitive and easy to use by both technical and non-technical people alike.
— Dean Langendorf, Business Strategy
It’s been a pleasure working with Dawn. She exemplifies values that are fundamental for a leading company: know how, innovation, creativity, endurance. At the same time she is able to generate commitment and desire to improve among her colleagues. Her involvement had direct impact on the success of SPT digital media in Iberia. She is always ready to provide the necessary support when needed.I hope to continue working with her in the future!
— Laura Ferrer, Manager
Dawn has a powerful understanding of the modern, end-user’s expectations in the wild west of the ever-changing technology landscape. She knows how product interactions drive brand perceptions and consumer behavior to keep the wheels spinning. Her big picture thinking has been a big influence on me over the years.
— Dave Pappas, Creative Dir.

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